Nacht: Innovative Lifestyle Products for Healthy Living

Founded in 2017, Nacht is a company that is dedicated to bringing innovative lifestyle products to life. Nacht’s products are designed to promote healthy living and improve the lives of local and global audiences, while maintaining international manufacturing standards and world-class quality.
Soon after its inception, Nacht released its first invention, the Nacht Multipurpose Tandoor Cooker. This heirloom hard-anodized cookware uses a tandoor base to achieve multiple cooking functions in a healthier, tastier, and more efficient manner.
In 2020, Nacht opened its factory in Rejayi Industrial City in Tabriz, Iran.
Operated by expert engineers and highly skilled professionals in the hard-anodizing process, the factory is equipped with advanced production technologies and know-how.
After receiving positive reviews and chef endorsements on its first product, Nacht continues to research and develop new inventions to further improve the lives of its customers.

رشته کوه ناخ هرمزگان

Nacht Multipurpose Cooker: Patents & Certifications

Nacht has protected its unique invention, the Nacht Multipurpose Cooker, with patents and certifications in many countries and regions around the world. This demonstrates Nacht’s commitment to the quality and safety of its product, as well as its seriousness about bringing its product to market in a responsible manner.

Here is a summary of the patents and certifications that Nacht has received for its Multipurpose Cooker:

– February 2018: Patent from the Iranian Intellectual Property Organization
– July 2018: International patent (valid in 152 countries) from the International Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO-PCT)

– July 2020: Patent from China National Intellectual Property Administration

– September 2020: Patent from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office

– February 2021: Patent registration in the UK

– 2021: ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification from DAKKs, Germany

– 2021: Europe CE, Entecerma, ITALY

International Patent by WIPO-PCT
Manufacturing License
ISO 9001 Standard
Chinese Patent, CNIPA
Iranian Patent, the Intellectual Property Organization
Canadian Patent
UK Patent Registration
Nacht Brand
Iran National Standards Organization

Our Guiding Policy

Nacht aims to blend its expertise, knowledge, innovation, and creativity to design and manufacture lifestyle products that meet the highest local and international standards. Nacht’s principles are quality and customer satisfaction throughout its value chain.
Nacht strives to continuously improve existing designs, build trust, and gain customer satisfaction in all areas of its operations. To achieve these objectives, Nacht has implemented a quality management system based on ISO 9001 and has prioritized the following objectives:

● Provide premium quality and safe products, and continuously improve them as guided by customer satisfaction.
● Develop domestic and international markets.
● Expand Nacht’s product portfolio.
● Develop Nacht’s tangible and intangible assets.
● Improve employee productivity by increasing motivation, training, and delegation.
● Create entrepreneurship and employment through outsourcing and mass production.
● Produce unique products for local and global markets.

Nacht defines its policy through teamwork and sets goals and plans to uphold it. Nacht’s management is committed to guiding the company based on this policy, requiring all employees to understand it, as well as the needs of customers and necessary legal requirements. Employees are expected to be diligent and responsible in terms of maintaining quality in carrying out the tasks assigned within their scope of work, and to always put the customer first. Nacht revises its policy as needed to ensure that it remains relevant and serves its mission.

Our Objectives

– Invent and produce unmatched products in local and international markets.
– Ensure the highest quality and obtain the necessary international certifications to revolutionize culinary and health industries.
– Design unique products that consider the needs of audiences at home and outdoors.
– Prioritize convenience, health, safety, and durability of our products.
– Protect the environment.

Our Vision

Nacht strives to become a leading innovation company in the field of health-focused lifestyle products. This is why in 2020, we developed and patented our second invention, the all-in-one toothbrush. Our vision is to gain our local and international customers’ satisfaction to become their preferred  brand by 2027. This will be achieved by delegating sales to a reputable company with expertise in local sales, as well as similar trading firms in target countries in the Middle East, Asia and Europe. In the first phase, branding will take place nationwide. In the following phase, we will build the necessary infrastructure for export. Nacht looks forward to significantly expanding its local and global market share and developing exports by 2025.

Our Mission

Our mission at Nacht is to develop and produce new lifestyle inventions based on the varying needs of audiences in different geographical regions. We aim to use the highest quality materials and the latest technologies to locally manufacture world-class products that are offered to customers in the latest fashion. We consider customer satisfaction that is obtained from providing quality service, as well as effective and compassionate communication as our top principle.