Nacht Multipurpose Cooker

Nacht Multipurpose Cooker Introduction Video

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Why Nacht Multipurpose Cooker?

Revolutionary Invention

+  Unmatched versatility, replacing all cookware and kitchen appliances

+ Quick, easy and healthy cooking using the innovative tandoor for the first time

+ Better-done, tastier food due to even heat distribution and conduction afforded by the hard-anodized tandoor

+ Preserving nutrients due to the absence of harmful pressure unlike in pressure cookers

Diverse Application

+ Versatile application indoors and outdoors, compatible with electric and natural gas stove, camping stove or natural charcoal.

+ Ideal for camping, picnics, and summer houses due to its lightweight, compact design and low energy requirement.

Finest Manufacturing

+ Built to last using advanced hard-anodizing technology for high performance

+ One the safest and healthiest cookware by preventing the release of harmful ions and chemicals into the food

+ Resilient, safe and durable against the extreme heat inside the tandoor exceeding 300°C

Maximum Efficiency

+ Reduction of cooking time by 20% & energy consumption by 50%

+ Space-saving and cost-effective design eliminating the need for multiple appliances

Unique Design

+ Reaching a temperature as high as traditional ovens in the hard-anodized tandoor

+ Even heat distribution throughout the tandoor and to the entire surface area of the inserted cookware

+ Light-weight, convenient, compact and energy saving design that is simple to use

Nacht Multipurpose Cooker


The pot is designed to fulfill the duties of a stockpot, rice cooker, and Dutch oven. The tandoor reaches a temperature of up to 300 degrees, heating the entire pot consistently, resulting in food that is evenly cooked and flavorful. Using the tandoor’s indirect heat, a variety of dishes such as rice, pasta, soups, and stews can be cooked in the pot.
Manufactured with advanced hard-anodizing technology, the pot is designed to remain safe and resilient even under the tandoor’s extreme heat. The interior is coated with a double layer of non-stick coating over a standardized undercoating to make it resilient to the tandoor’s extreme heat while offering an ideal non-stick surface. Wide rims ensure easy insertion and removal. The height of the large pot is 180 mm; the medium pot is 125mm, and they are both 240mm wide.


The wide rimmed pan is designed to fit inside the tandoor. High heat circulating inside, heats the pan evenly from all sides. The nonstick pan provides an optimum frying, deep-frying, and searing surface that requires minimal oil. Using the pan, a variety of fried, cooked, and baked specialties such as pasta, fish, chicken, seafood, meat, vegetables, stews, sauces, omelets, or eggs can be made.
Placing the tandoor lid on the pan creates a natural oven setting owing to the extreme heat of the hard-anodized lid and body of the tandoor. This can be enjoyed to create dishes normally made in the oven such as lasagna, pizza, cake, brownies, and cookies. The pan is 75 mm tall and 240 mm wide.


The perfectly sized food steamer fits inside the pot to create a large steamer that is engineered to withstand the extreme heat in the tandoor. Numerous holes on the base and sides evenly distribute heat, helping food steam faster and more thoroughly while preserving nutrients and improving flavor.
Steam a variety of foods, including meat, fish, chicken, seafood, eggs, peas, corn, eggplants, carrots, potatoes, and broccoli.
Although steam cooking is healthy by nature, Nacht’s hard-anodized steamer is a step ahead of conventional steamers by ensuring that no harmful ions or chemicals leach into the food.
The steamer also makes for a handy colander to strain rice, pasta, or vegetables.
The steamer is 107 mm tall and 240 mm wide, with a wide rim that eliminates the need for traditional handles and screws, making it easier to clean.


Nacht Multipurpose Cooker includes a non-stick hard-anodized wok ideal for stir-frying a variety of meats, fish, vegetables, seafood, rice, and noodles.

With a traditional design featuring wide slanted sides and a smaller base, the wok fits inside the small tandoor for an even high temperature that allows frying with minimal oil. Its versatility enables a range of cooking methods from stir-frying to deep-frying and braising. You can use it to create a variety of dishes from popular international cuisines to new recipes and everyday favorites.

The chef-quality non-stick hard-anodized material makes the wok sturdy and resilient with a durable non-stick interior for a cooking experience only paralleled in professional, restaurant-grade cookware. The wok is engineered with a height of 90 mm, a circumference of 240 mm, and 20 mm-wide rims so that it fits easily inside the tandoor without needing handles.


Nacht offers a full barbecue and grilling set with a tandoor, heat diffuser, grill mesh, and hard-anodized lid, engineered to withstand extreme heat. The grill mesh is made of premium-quality aluminum and hard-anodized for the first time in the world, ensuring durability, resilience, and safety while preventing the release of harmful chemicals into the food.
The flat design with no welding makes it easy to clean, and no toxic plating material has been used in manufacturing.
Grill various foods, including meats such as steaks, hamburgers, kebabs, chicken, or fish fillets, as well as vegetables and bake flatbread on the grill. Place perfectly grilled whole eggplants or potatoes directly on the heat diffuser and cover them with the hard-anodized lid.
The grill can also operate using natural charcoal, providing a wide range of outdoor applications. Its mess-free design also makes it ideal for indoor use.

Heat Diffuser

The heat diffuser is made of 430 grade stainless steel to remain resilient, durable, and safe inside the tandoor, even when used with direct heat or outdoors with natural charcoal.
It is designed with a 50mm depth and a 20mm distance from the bottom of the tandoor. The diffuser has even slits throughout to conduct heat evenly to the surface of the grill, resulting in evenly and beautifully grilled food. The slanted sides of the diffuser prevent juices from dripping on the stovetop, creating a mess-free grilling experience at home and outdoors.