Hard Anodizing Services

What is Hard Anodizing?

Hard anodizing is an advanced surface treatment process that uses an electric current to create a thick, hard oxide layer on aluminum for extra durability, safety and resilience. This layer is resistant to wear, corrosion and abrasion and can withstand extreme hot and cold. This makes it ideal for many applications ranging from cookware to automotive parts.

The depth of the anodized layer is directly proportional to its hardness and durability. Nacht offers hard anodizing services for coatings up to 100 microns thick, which is one of the thickest coatings available.

Premium quality and durability


Enhanced safety and resilience

Why Nacht Hard Anodizing Services?

Why do our hard anodizing services make a difference in various industries? The difference between hard-anodized and other coatings

The melting point for hard anodized coating is higher than raw aluminum.

Resistant against corrosion, rusting, and abrasion

Extreme resilience and durability against abrasion and scrubbing

A safe and resilient coating against electrical currents

Our hard anodizing process significantly extends the lifespan of any product part, protecting it from abrasion and wear many times over compared to regular aluminum. Its light weight enhances its applicability and efficiency.

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Some of Nacht’s Hard Anodizing Projects
Industrial Culinary Mold: Hard Anodized with 100 Microns Depth
Industrial Printing Roller: Hard Anodized with a Depth of More Than 100 Microns, Measuring More Than 2 Meters
Master Cylinder Shell for Saipa Automobile: Hard Anodized with 8 Microns Depth
Ghamat Tarmim Kala Medical Company: Silver Hard Anodized Medical Equipment Parts with 15 Microns Depth
Hard Anodized Rollers with 100 Microns Depth for Printing Industry
Space Propulsion Research Center: Hard Anodized with 100 Microns Depth
Black Hard Anodized Military Camera Lenses
Industrial Culinary Mold: Hard Anodized with 100 Microns Depth

Nacht Factory’s Hard Anodizing Services

Nacht Factory Hard Anodizing Services
Nacht Factory, located in Tabriz, is a leading provider of hard anodizing services to a wide range of industries. We offer hard anodizing for up to 100 micrometers depth, resulting in safe, durable, high-quality, abrasion and rust-resistant surfaces that are crucial in many industries. This process can significantly reduce the need for replacements and repairs, leading to lower overall costs over time.
To discuss how Nacht Factory can help you improve the efficiency and durability of your manufactured pieces, please contact our hard anodizing department at the following:

+98 (041) 34213537
0914 115 9113
Nacht Factory, Southern Rejayi Town, Shahid Rajaee Industrial Town, Tabriz

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