With Nacht

Every Home has two Kitchens

With Nacht

Every Home has two Kitchens.

A Revolutionary Invention
in the Field of Cooking

Indoor & Outdoor
Rice Cooker, Steamer, Grill, Baking Set, Fryer, Stir Fryer, Slow Cooker

Uniform heat dissipation

50% Less fuel consumption

Maintain food quality

Reduction of cooking time by 20%.

Easy Cooking

The versatile Nacht cooker with advanced hard-anodized technology provides you with a well-equipped kitchen wherever you are, instead of all the electrical and non-electrical utensils and appliances.

Nacht Multipurpose Cooker

Healthy and Efficient Cooking Using the Innovative Tandoor

Patents, obtaining certificates, standards and approvals in Iran and international forums

Nacht Multipurpose Cooker was made to promote health-oriented cooking and help the environment reduce fuel consumption and reduce consumerism.